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"Finally, A Triathlon Mental Training System that Empowers You to Summon Super-Human Confidence, Enter 'The Zone' at Will, Routinely Set PRs, and Conquer the 'Toughest Sport On Earth'... Guaranteed!"

Hey Renegade Triathlete,

Yeah, you... I'm talking to you. ;)

We consider every triathlete, regardless of your current level and accomplishments, to be a true renegade of the sports world.

There isn't another sport out there that demands more from you than the triathlon.

We salute you!

Now enough of the feel-good talk... let's get down to the business!

Do you suffer from any of these all-too-common PR Killers:

  • Pre-Race Jitters so bad that you almost (or do) get nauseous

  • Lack of Confidence in yourself and your abilities

  • Strong training, but lack-luster performance on race day

  • Lack of focus and not sticking to the game plan

  • Worry and Anxiety over the "uncontrol-ables"

Any one or combination of the above can wreak havoc on even the most well-conditioned triathlete!

The fact is that all the physical training in the world can only take you so far, the rest of the race is won in the mind.

Triathlon Mental Training

“There’s no question, the component of triathlon training that is lagging behind is the mental component. We haven’t done a very good job of integrating psychology into training programs”

~Dave Scott
Six time Iron Man World Champion
First inductee to Iron Man Hall Of Fame


Triathletes around the world acknowledge that the mental element of training and racing is paramount.

But recent surveys indicate that only about 9% of competitive triathletes "train their brain" on any consistent basis.

You guys and gals are the most dedicated athletes in the world; you recognize the crucial role that psychology plays in consistently attaining peak performance... but you don't take decisive action on it.


The overwhelming reason reported by triathletes at all levels....

Lack of a mental game training system designed specifically for your sport.

That's all about to change...

How to Pack a Lifetime of Elite Triathlon Mental Training into Just a Few Hours… And Turn Your Subconscious into Your Peak-Performance Coach


triathlon mental training

We’ve Spent 37 Years INSIDE the heads of Elite Athletes– And This is How We’ll Turn YOU into the Jedi Master of Triathlons

My name is Stephen Ladd and I’ve teamed up with Bill Gladwell to take your mental training to the next level. Between the two of us, we have over 37 years helping average athletes transform into racing samurai masters.

We’ve taken our years of intense study, trial and error, and in-the-trenches research to boil down the most profound techniques into a step-by-step system – that flat out works.

Our system combines three state-of-the art technologies that we have hand picked because they deliver results:

1. Hypnosis:

There are a few different ways to be hypnotized. There's stage hypnosis, where people are convinced they are chickens and do ridiculous stuff on stage.

There's therapeutic hypnosis where you are placed in a deep trance where you lose track of time and wake up later unaware of what you said or did...

And last is waking-hypnosis. We use this in the Renegade Triathlete System. You simply listen to Coach Bill guide you into a light trance. We use the light trance to convince your subconscious to start working on improving your mind-body connection and integrate all of your training and skills with your nervous system... allowing you to access your peak performance states.

You get Four (4) separate Triathlete Peak Performance Hypnotic Inductions.

Here is a brief description of each session and the benefits:

Session One: Renegade Triathlete Uber Confidence

  • Discover the secret anchor to supreme confidence... you can have it in seconds

  • Never feel intimidated or outclassed again, no matter how competitive the race

  • Release negative thoughts and feelings and actually ENJOY the event

  • Learn how to trust your training and your abilities, get out of your own way

Session Two: Win the Swim

  • Experience your swim segment, performed to perfection, in less than 20 minutes. This data will be stored in your subconscious and will be unleashed into the "real world" the next time you train and race

  • Let go of inappropriate muscle tension... instantly... for a more fluid and effortless swim

  • Discover how to easily handle any of the “mishaps” that often occur during the swim - equipment failures, water in your goggles, swallowing water, or being kicked by other competitors

  • Turn on your “auto-pilot swim program” and let your body and mind do what it has trained to do

Session Three: Cycling Success

  • Experience your complete bike segment, performed to perfection, in less than 20 minutes. This data will be stored in your subconscious and will be unleashed into the "real world" the next time you train and race

  • Effortlessly link up your unconscious mind and your body every time you approach and dismount your bike... creating smooth and efficient T1 and T2

  • Discover the best way to enter “The Zone”

  • The secret to sticking to your game plan, and riding with solid cadence and effort for the entire ride

  • How to prosper in adverse weather conditions when other cyclists use it as an excuse

  • Stay mentally focused and set yourself up for a solid T2 and a PR in the run

Session Four: Race to the Finish

  • Experience the final run segment of your race, performed to perfection, in less than 20 minutes. This data will be stored in your subconscious and will be unleashed into the "real world" the next time you train and race

  • Discover a simple anchor that will allow you to instantly enter a state of FLOW with your body and mind while running

  • Learn how running has a much to do with your body as it does your state of mind

  • How to keep pace, even when you feel like walking or stopping

  • The mental tricks to deal with nausea, cramping, pain, heat and exhaustion

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP:

It Taps into Your Subconscious and Tweaks Your Brain's Triathlete Programming

We've adapted the powerful science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming specifically to the demands of triathlon training and racing. This is the same system that Anthony Robbins uses to turn NBA Players into foul-shot whiz kids and gives elite Olympic athletes the Gold medal edge.

We'll show you how to use simple NLP techniques to sharpen your focus, isolate your mental roadblock, and experience race-changing breakthroughs.

Here's a short list of what you'll discover:

Why most triathletes NEVER reach their true potential! (Here's a hint: hard work has nothing to do with this!)

• How to focus and kick any part of your racing up-a-notch!...From the start line to the finish, get little-known performance tips that will leave your competition in the dust (we won’t waste any time – many of these performance enhancers work in under 45 seconds).

• How to pinpoint your training goals and set a clear path to achieving them... faster than you thought was possible

Quickly pinpoint the beliefs that are sabotaging your performance

• How to silence your "inner critic" once and for all and eliminate the one thing holding you back from racing to your true potential

A simple trick to eliminate tension and anxiety before a race... especially if the swim segment is your biggest concern

• The "secret", fool-proof technique that has been missing from your pre-race routine

Get rid of negative barriers that are ruining your focus and costing you PRs on a regular basis... (you're probably not even aware of them) while developing the laser focus most athletes work their entire life to achieve!

• Shatter your limiting beliefs about your abilities… NEVER feel embarrassed or self-conscious about poor performance in the past... and race with power!

3. Energy Mechanics:

As you read this, enough energy to illuminate two light bulbs is coursing through your body. This bio-mechanical energy is the secret to the supernatural power exhibited by lifetime students of the martial arts. It’s chi. I’ll show you how to tap into this energy and use it to recover faster from training and injury, easily enter into The Flow state, and enhance your power, focus, and stamina.

• Discover the amazingly simple mental strategies developed by a Stanford Engineer to help war veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)... and how to use these same tools to keep your composure in ANY circumstance... Instantly!

• How an old-school cure for sea sickness can calm your nerves and help you methodically trim minutes off your PRs AND an extremely effective short-cut to diffuse pre-race anxiety

• How to enter "the zone" at will... and stay there. Plus we’ll show you why traditional positive thinking can actually hurts your performance... and what to do instead!

My popular “chock antidote” to erase your fear and doubt, no matter how big and scary the course or competition might be

• How your fingertips can catapult your performance (trust me - you've never heard this before!).

Start Training Your Brain Now - Click Here

Here’s What Triathletes and Coaches Are
Saying about the Renegade Triathlete Psychology System

“For any triathlete looking for an edge"
The Renegade Triathlete Psychology System is a comprehensive and effective way for triathletes to gain the upper hand on their competition. I am impressed with the system and its effectiveness. I personally use it and would recommend it to any triathlete looking for an edge when it comes to racing or who desires to finish their events stronger and with more confidence.

Scot Van Asten
Senior Coach Carmichael Training Systems
Triathlete & Endurance Sports Junkie

"Mentally sharp and focused"
"Coach Stephen, I have added Renegade Triathlon to my current training and I have found myself EXTREMELY focused mentally.  Just 15-20 minutes per day and I feel mentally sharp and focused for the swim, bike and run and any other challenges that come up during the race.  I have rehearsed how I am going to react to all of these events and challenges mentally with the hypnosis sessions, so that nothing shakes me off my focused goal on race day. I tell everyone that if you want to take your training to the next level, I would highly recommend you add the Renegade Mental Game to your training arsenal."

Matt Nawrocki
Columbus, Ohio

Renegade Mindset is the future of sport psychology
With all my years of traditional education in sports medicine - I'll admit that I was skeptical at first. But after personally witnessing so many remarkable improvements in my athletes, I'm a believer. The results are faster than any other method I have ever seen. Renegade Mindset is the future of sport psychology. My advice to triathletes is to use it or get beaten by those who do!”

Eric Serrano, MD
Consultant to athletes worldwide

"I suggest you jump on this for a competitive edge"
"As a triathlon coach and Ironman competitor, I have always recognized the value of the mental side of both training and racing. For years I have been trying to find a good way to give my clients mental training, since I'm not personally a sports psychologist or know much about it. So I was thrilled to see that Coach Stephen has created a mental game training program that is completely different than anything on the market it two ways: 1) it is designed specifically for the needs and demands that are inherent in the sport of triathlon, and 2) he has incorporated a combination of techniques and strategies that address both the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. This allows my clients to mentally train in both an active and passive fashion (which is great for recovery). This is a solid program whose time has come. I suggest you jump on this and gain a competitive edge, before it is mainstream.

Ben Greenfield

"Making incredible strides"
"OK, I know, I was skeptical too. But stick with me for a minute. Triathletes are notorious for quickly adopting new gear and training technologies but there's always been one puzzling oversight. Until now. The Renegade Triathlete Psychology System finally attempts to fine-tune the mental edge of the game, which every experienced triathlete knows is a key element of racing and training. I've been fortunate enough to work with it for a while and I feel like I'm making incredible strides as I plug away at the system. While I'm never in danger of winning a race (or even my age group), this system isn't just designed for those at the front of the race. Those of us in the middle and the back of the pack can benefit too. I've been impressed by the calming effort it's had on race day and how it helps with mental resolve throughout the event. An unexpected bonus has been how some of the cues have transferred over to life away from the sport."

Perry Bergson
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

"Pre-Race swim anxiety a thing of the past - Thanks"
"Coach Stephen, I wanted to update you on the progress that I have made since I started using your program. What I really want to say is Thanks! I've been training and competing in triathlons for over 7 years now, but have never been able to get past the overwhelming fear that I have of the swim. This would make me nervous to the point of nausea before every race. I would get through it and always have completed every race I have entered. But to be honest, the sicking feeling I would always have before the race and during the swim zapped much of the enjoyment out of every event. After listening to the hypnosis sessions for just a few weeks, I could sense my anxiety dropping and my confidence building. I'm thrilled to report that I set a PR in a sprint last week and was completely at ease the entire time. My pre-race swim anxiety is a thing of the past - THANKS!

Roberta Stevens

"I've posted my best times and feel better at the finish"
"Coach, your “brain training” has been going great and I’ve already seen an improvement in how I feel and in my race times. One of the areas I notice it the most is T2, and the first part of my run. I have been notorious for falling apart mentally in that transition, losing lots of time, and then not finding my running grove until mile 7 or 8 of my run. I’ve been listening to the Run Hypnosis Cd every day and I am certain it has made the difference. I’ve posted my best times and feel better than ever at the finish.”

Jack Watson
London England

"Tapping into The Zone - Cool Stuff"
"I wanted to report to you that I have been using the fingertip tapping acupressure points and have really been impressed with my ability to get into the zone state on my bike and run segments. The great part is that it's not like I'm "zoning out" and might miss a turn! But more in a state of comfort and control. I've felt this way in past events and sometimes during training, but have never been able to create the feelings so often and when I really need them. Cool stuff!"

Margo Benson
Grand Rapids, MI

"Huge boost in confidence!"
"I had no idea what to think when my wife got me your hypnosis set for my birthday, about 5 weeks before my first 70.3. I decided to give it a try and I am very glad that I did. I had been very nervous ever since I signed up for the race. But after just a week or so my attitude was noticeably more positive. I trained better and noticed a huge boost in confidence, which carried me through the event with an impressive result (at least for an "old-timer")."

Albert Mckinley
Portland, OR

Start getting results NOW
Stephen Ladd’s Triathlon Mental Training System is innovative and powerfully effective. It is on the leading edge of sports performance enhancement. Yes, he’s a renegade, but a friendly one, with a cheeky sense of humor and a refreshingly pragmatic approach. The best thing is that you can start getting results NOW, within minutes of applying his techniques. There is no need to be held back any longer. Stephen’s Renegade Mindset materials will equip you with the tools you need to blast through your previous limits and propel your performance to new heights.

Steve Wells, PhD
Psychologist & Peak Performance Specialist

Start Smashing PRs with this Breakthrough Triathlon Mental Training System Today

You'll get immediate access to the Renegade Triathlete Mental Training System. It’s a downloadable manual and hypnosis MP3s that you can start listening to and reading right away.

You’ll get the low-down on every clever mental strategy and performance hack that we've discovered in 37 years as an elite trainers.

All of these resources and new skills will take your performance to new levels... and fast.

But, I’m going to make this an offer you really can’t refuse, by adding in these bonuses:

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If you order now, I’ll include these three bonuses with your Complete Triathlon Mental Training System:

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The RENEGADE TRIATHLETE SYSTEM is simple to follow and implement. However, you may have questions about your specific situation. With your order, you’ll get my private email address. Feel free to use it to ask me any question about the system. I will answer your questions within 2 business days. I’ll be in your crew from the beginning.


#2: Special Report: Top Ten Quick Fixes for Low Back Pain in Athletes (Real World Value $17)

Studies show that over 60% of triathletes will have at least one bout of low back pain during their competitive years. As many of you already know, this throws a huge wrench in your training plan. Triathlon coach Ben Greenfield has compiled a gold mine of tricks, tips and techniques that can expedite relief from back pain and your return to training.

#3: Special Report: How to Recover Like Wolverine from X-Men (Real World Value $17)

Is there anything more frustrating than an nagging injury, or worse yet, one that puts you out of commission for weeks or months? Popular culprits are knee pain, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, stress fractures, etc. This special report by Ben Greenfield reveals all of the methods that he has tested and given his seal of approval. These are techniques that he has used on himself and with hundreds of triathletes worldwide. He also blows the whistle on the lame therapies that are a complete waste of your time and money. Use this report to drastically reduce your healing time for ANY type of injury.


#4: FREE Upgrades for Life!

We are constantly exploring new methods and technologies in alternative sports psychology. You will get immediate access to all new materials, whether that be a new or re-worked chapter in the manual, or additional hypnosis tracks that are added to the program. You get any and all upgrades to this program FOR LIFE.

I want to put these bonuses in your hands right now but you have to move on this pretty quick. Here’s why – the 60 day email coaching program is seriously important to me.

I make sure that I answer your questions and give you the best advice I have. That means that I can only do this for 50 people at any one time.

Be one of the first 50 to invest in the Renegade Triathlete Mental Training System and your spot is secure. If you wait, you WILL miss out because I will take down the email coaching offer until more space opens up.

How You Can Get All the Goods at a Mere Fraction of What My Personal Coaching Clients Pay

What I’m about to do may land me in hot water with my private clients. Look, I only teach this complete mental game to my highest-paying students. They pay on average $250 an hour and are forced to pay a 2 hour minimum to work with me. They pay $500 for a short afternoon of instruction because they get results that make them giggle like school girls…

So, when they hear that I’m offering you the Renegade Triathlete Psychology System at a fraction of what they paid (just last weekend) they will not be happy.

Here’s the deal: My complete course would normally be priced at least $500. However, I’ve been able to convert the whole system into downloadable format – so you don’t have to pay for a glossy printed version. Also, you can download the entire system directly to your computer which allows me to pass on the shipping savings to you too.

Although I can’t be with you in person, the 4 Hypnosis Audio MP3s and instructional manual are the next best thing…

This means I can offer you the complete Renegade Triathlete Psychology System for just $77 $57. You can securely pay for the System with a credit card and be using the System within the next 5 minutes

Also, this is a one-time cost – no hidden membership fees or other shenanigans.

You should race to the order button now – because this is the best deal you’re going to get on a triathlete training tool this powerful.

It gets better – your $77 $57 investment isn’t at risk because...

You're Protected By My “No-Risk 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee”

It’s simple: Order and download the complete Renegade Triathlete Psychology System.  Listen to the Hypnosis CDs and devour the instructional manual. Then go out and kick a brick workout, or do a sprint event.

Pay close attention to how you feel.  If you aren't noticeably more confident, focused, and dialed in on your performance then you are entitled to a 100% money back refund! Just send me an email and I will promptly refund your money.  No forms, support phone lines or other hoops to jump through.  You can even keep the entire course AND the bonuses.

Why am I being so generous? I am doing this because every single triathlete that has put the System to work has been thrilled with the results.  They’ve written me love notes and left me voice-mails explaining how the system has taken their training and racing to a new level.

I'm sure that the System will work for you too... I'm staking my reputation on it. 

Here’s What You Need to Do Now

Click the Buy Now button below. Once you’ve completed the payment process via our secure servers, you’ll be given immediate access to the RENEGADE TRIATHLETE PSYCHOLOGY SYSTEM, Plus the $234 in Free bonuses for just $57.

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The techniques are proven and you get immediate access to them for a special (protected) low price. Give it a try for 60 days and see the results for yourself.

Now its your move –

We’ll talk soon,
Stephen Ladd | Bill Gladwell

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P.S. The 50 Free 60 Day Email Coaching spots are going quick. Don’t miss the opportunity to get my in-depth coaching for FREE. Order the RENEGADE TRIATHLETE PSYCHOLOGY SYSTEM now and lock-in your spot.

P.P.S. We are a real business located in Columbus, Ohio USA. Our company name is Renegade Triathlete (which is part of our parent company The Human Form Fitness LLC), and you can contact me (Stephen Ladd) any time on (614) 487-1440 or at CoachStephen(AT)

P.P.S. - I've gone to every length to be as descriptive as possible of what you'll find in The Renegade Triathlete Psychology System, but in the event you have any more questions, I've included an FAQ that I think will help you out.

Renegade Triathlete FAQ

Q: Is my credit card information safe?

That is a great question! I understand that many people are still just now making their first purchases online and are a little nervous about using their credit cards on the Internet. These days, online payment processors have advanced to the point that they are actually MORE secure than many other forms of payment.

In many ways, ordering online is actually a safer method of payment than giving out the info on the phone or on a mail-in stub, where an actual human is going to have access to your info. With a secure online form, a human will not have access to your info, only the merchant bank.

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Q: What if The Renegade Triathlete Psychology System doesn't work for me?

Then it's free. Our system has been tested in the real world with triathletes at all levels of experience and training, with overwhelming success. We are confident that it will work for you as well. If, on the off chance, you're not thrilled with your results after using the system for 60 days, we'll promptly refund 100% of your investment. You can even keep the entire system and all the bonus materials.

Q: Will this system work for a beginner as well as an advanced triathlete?

Yes! Although some of the specific mental game challenges are different for beginners and elite competitors, our techniques are easily adapted to your individual needs. The two basic goals of our system are the same regardless of your experience level: 1) Empower you to control your mental/emotional states and 2) Program your subconscious mind for triathlon success. These “super-human” skills and thought patterns will serve you well if your goal is to finish your first sprint or win an Ironman.

Q: How long does it take for The Renegade Triathlete Psychology System to arrive?

No more than about 1-3 minutes (the only variable is your Internet provider). As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll be given instant access to E-Manual and Audio Hypnosis Sessions in the system. No need to wait and wait until it arrives in the mail, or pay additional fees for shipping.

Q: Does it matter what country I'm in and is the sale in US dollars?

You can order online no matter what country you're located in. We've processed orders from over 63 countries so far. Our secure credit card processor will automatically convert the US dollars to your country's currency.

Order Online 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week,
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triathlon psychology

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triathlon psychology


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NOTE: The Renegade Triathlete Psychology System is a completely downloadable product of an E-manual and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all E-Manual is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The hypnosis audio are MP3s, also compatible with both Mac and PC.

Please read our Renegade disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. However, assuming that you actually apply the techniques and strategies in our system, we except your results to be anything but typical. Bottom line: results vary from person to person based on a variety of factors. You are not guaranteed to obtain the same results as the triathletes in the above testimonials, just because you purchase our system... YOU are the most important variable.


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